i can't just keep pretending everything's alright

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My #ManCrushMonday and every other day too! This crazy, wonderful, loving, attentive, and caring man makes my life indescribably amazing. I’m so very blessed to be marrying my best friend. ♡

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Preparing myself… #TWD #TheWalkingDead

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"Let us go to Dothan." Genesis 37:17 #roadtrip #biblereferencehumor

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I think this accurately sums up my life.

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Season 3 didn’t go so well, Sam.  Just saying.

The past month has been bleh, but hopefully I’ll be drawing more quality comics like this one in the near future.

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I get so much second hand embarrassment from The Office that sometimes I can barely stand to watch it.

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you don’t know pain until you love a character who’s not a series regular

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I’ve seen at least ten versions of this post and they all had different gifs of misha collins as castiel.

I think the fandom is trying to say something.


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SPN 10 Countdown Challenge | 23 Days Left | S08E23 - Sacrifice

↳ "I can’t do it without you."
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supernatural au where everything is the same but dean is priestly


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Dean + Season 7

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You wish you were as cool as us.

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Payback is a bitch.

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